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Forestville EC Floorplans

There are a variety of floor plan layouts available in Forestville EC, from 2 bedroom units to penthouse loft units.

Updates: Forestville EC has obtained T.O.P. Limited units available.

You can download the floorplan ebrochure here.

Forestville Floorplan Brochure


Forestville EC Price

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Bedroom Type

No. of units

Size (sqft)

Estimated Price

2 Bedroom


869 – 1,162

Fully Sold

3 Bedroom Premium


1,097 – 1,369

Fully Sold

3 Bedroom Standard


1,036 – 1,403

Fully Sold

3 Bedroom Dual Key


1,256 – 1,600

Fully Sold

4 Bedroom



$986,000 NOW $850,000!

4 Bedroom Dual Key



NOW $1,048,000!

5 Bedroom



WAS $1,121,000 NOW $1,055,000!

5 Bedroom Dual Key


1,655 – 2,155

Fully Sold

Penthouses Loft


2,028 – 2,461

Fully Sold




Fully Sold



Forestville EC Sitemap


Forestville Floorplans Sitemap

Forestville EC Sitemap


Forestville EC Unit Distribution


Forestville EC Floorplan Distribution

Forestville EC Unit Distribution


Forestville EC floorplans and unit distribution boasts a good mix of 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, and 5 bedroom units, which makes it as ideal home catering to all family sizes.

Almost half of the units in Forestville EC are the popular dual key units, which allows very flexible usage of space, It is perfect if your family is an extended family, and you need more personal space, or if your children are reaching the age where they prefer more privacy. Dual Key units allow you to stay together in the same home, and yet give so much privacy and personal space for everyone.

Financially, the uniqueness of dual-key unit floorplans allows you to comfortably rent out a part of your house for additional income. This can be done without even having to move house!

Forestville EC is currently close to 90% sold.



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